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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico – BBL Cost

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico – BBL CostThe Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in Mexico is the most desired cosmetic surgery being performed nowadays .

Exercise and diet may well not usually work based upon your body type to obtain that round and voluptuous buttock .

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will improve and enhance the roundness of the butt.

Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who will display a history of happy patients and also high quality work from previous surgical procedures is the most important detail, so here you will discover the great cosmetic surgeons in Mexico ,clinics and also butt lift price ranges in Mexico.

Watch the video HERE.


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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico

Brazilian ladies are known for their wonderful looks , stunning bodies and full round buttocks . The cosmetic surgical treatment industry knows this and capitalizes off it with such things like the "Brazilian Butt lift surgery" .

One time limited by the world of supermodels as well as A-list celebs only , butt lift operation is currently an increasing trend among normal men , women and young adults , due to the new trends in the area of plastic and cosmetic methods .

It seems as if virtually people , regardless of age , these days is gearing up for butt lift surgical procedure in order to correct or alter their flat and misshapen butt that makes them feel uncomfortable .

Click the link right HERE to see butt lift surgery video in Mexico.

Available in Mexico and for low cost rate , you can have ideal formed bbl .

This video shows best clinics , surgeons and fantastic buttock lift surgery packages .

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10 Questions You Should Ask your Doctor when thinking about Traveling Abroad

10 Questions You Should Ask your Doctor when thinking about Traveling Abroad
Questions To Ask Your Doctor By PlacidWay

10 Questions You Should Ask your Doctor when it comes to Traveling Abroad

The world is a smaller place now especially because some of the most expensive treatments in the USA, Canada, or Europe are now offered at a fraction of the actual cost in specific countries across the world. As a result, more and more people are traveling to a foreign country to benefit from "low cost and high quality" medical treatments for a variety of diseases and condition.

Regardless of whether you are visiting Los Algodones, Mexico for dental treatment or opting for an anti-aging treatment in Kiev, Ukraine, consulting your doctor prior to travel is a must. Most often than not, patients are confused about what should they ask their doctor and hence, we have put together a list of 10 questions you should ask your doctor when considering traveling abroad.

Do I need to share or carry my medical history?

This is an important area because some medical conditions have connections with your immediate past like Coronary artery disease (CAD) can be caused due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Your health details will reveal if you are taking or have taken medications in the past for specific health issues that may have led to your current medical condition. Your medical history is something that you need to share with your doctor. Your medical history may also reveal the medications you are allergic too, which will be decisive for a doctor when prescribing post treatment medication.

Do I need to choose specific treatment plan for my medical condition?

The treatment plan varies according to the type and severity of a medical condition. At times, a specific medical condition can be treated using multiple procedures and in such a scenario, you will need to choose a medical procedure that you are most comfortable with. As an example, let's look at dental implants. Whether you require all-on-4 or implants of the upper or lower jaw, the treatment procedure can involve Endosteal implants or Subperiosteal implants. Hence, it is extremely important to discuss your medical condition and the proper treatment in advance with your doctor.

How do I know a specific treatment is right for my medical condition?

Some medical conditions have multiple treatment procedures while others have single or specific procedures. Considering the above example of dental treatments like Endosteal implants or Subperiosteal implants, it is important to identify what they are. Endosteal implants are normally attached directly to the bone while Subperiosteal implants are a type of metal framework that is attached to the jawbone underneath the gum tissue. This information can be provided by your dentist or doctor you could also conduct a little bit of research over the internet to find details regarding the procedures.

Will there be any diagnostic tests prior to a treatment?

Professional Medical Care
A person suffering from the common flu has to go through a diagnostic test to determine the cause like viral or bacterial. Yes, a diagnostic test is mandatory prior to any treatment. A proper diagnosis of the medical condition, stage of medical condition, and cause will help in determining the right treatment plan. It is important that the clinic or hospital you are planning to visit has state of the art equipment and laboratory to run required diagnostic tests.

Who conducts the diagnostic tests?

The diagnostic tests are normally conducted by lab technicians, junior doctors, nurses, and medical assistants. It is always important to check the credentials and experience of professionals conducting the tests. This really is another important area apart from advanced equipment because a small mistake in a diagnostic test may lead to non-treatment or incorrect treatment of a medical condition.

What if a particular treatment doesn't suit me?

It is true that sometimes, a specific treatment, however perfect it may be, might not suit you. You might show allergic reaction or other similar symptoms. This is an important area and you should ideally go with a doctor or clinic that offers you other options or who offer tailor treatments based on the medical diagnosis. Willingness to providing alternative medical treatments is important.

What kind of during and post treatment care can I expect?

Proper care is essential prior to and after any type of medical treatment procedure whether it is something as simple as hair transplant procedure or something more strenuous as Chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer. Depending on the type of medical condition, a clinic and the supervising doctor should be capable of handling any emergency situation as well as offer high quality care to their patients. Each patient should be provided personal care followed by monitoring of vital signs and reactions of medications prior to treatment.

Will there be any side effects of my treatment? How will I manage them?

Side effects can be quite commonplace. Two people can undergo the same treatment for a specific medical condition but their body will not react in the same manner. One patient may suffer from post treatment effect like nausea while the other patient may not experience anything at all. Yet, it is important to ask your doctor what are the various side effects that you might experience as this will help you with your planning on a physical and psychological level for the treatment.

The management of the side effects can be done using medications or alternate therapies. This will depend on the type of side effect you experience. You need to find out from your doctor the various support options they would be ready to provide for management of the side effects.

Where will my treatment procedure take place?

The treatment procedure will take place in the clinic or hospital that your doctor represents. It is important to find out the following information from your doctor:
  1. Appointment date and time

  2. Time of diagnostic tests

  3. Duration of diagnostic tests

  4. Duration of the treatment procedure

  5. Duration of stay prior to and post treatment procedure

  6. Place of stay
Note: You need to also find out how experienced your doctor is in treating your type of medical condition. Does he/she have any previous experience? Is he/she a board certified specialist? You can also ask for references of patients who have been successfully treated.

Will I have a single point of contact at the medical center or will a team be appointed to address my medical needs?

Depending on the medical condition, a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals will address your medical needs right from admission into the clinic to getting diagnostic tests, treatment, and post treatment care. A clinical nurse will be appointed to check your vitals and monitor your nutrition during the stay at hospital. You need to ask your doctor if they have such a team in place or not. Apart, from this, you should also ask whether there will be junior doctors to address any of your immediate medical needs. You need to also find out if there is any translator in the team or someone who speaks your language especially if you are visiting a foreign country.

It is important to understand that if you ask the right questions to your doctor or surgeon then it will help prepare you for the treatment in a healthy way. Of course, there could be many more treatment specific questions that can arise in your mind and it is always recommended to discuss the same with your doctor as well. What you really need is to create a "checklist" of questions, so that you can travel abroad for your treatment without any annoying burden in your mind.

For more information on how to have the best medical experience abroad, please contact us!

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Fertility and Reproductive Health Center in Georgia

Fertility and Reproductive Health Center in Georgia

Do you know you could enjoy an international holiday trip , see the tourist attractions , and also receive IVF procedure with high quality health care all for less than the cost of in vitro fertilization in the US ? It seems too good to be true , but IVF Georgia is for real and could save you 1000s of dollars and significant stress on your path to parenthood .

This video will explain you more about frtility and reaproductive health center in Georgia. To know more simply click HERE

The simple fact is , IVF Georgia is for real , and good results of many happy couples can confirm to its success . In vitro fertilization is exceedingly really expensive in the USA , and is certainly not always covered by insurance policies , especially after the first try . You are able to travel to another country , enjoy a comforting vacation , and receive In IVF treatment with superb health-care all for less than the cost of in vitro fertilization in the United States .

If you are feeling stagnant by infertility , very high charges of medical treatment , and the difficulties of insurance coverage , it is time to consider other options . You may find that IVF Georgia is the appropriate path to parenthood just for you .


Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Poland - Patient Experience

You will be ensured a fast recovery because of laparoscopic obesity surgical procedures are minimal invasive . Those techniques provide the highest success rates in weight-loss treatment with lowest experience of complications .

To find out more about gastric sleeve surgical procedure in Poland , simply click the photo below and check out complete interview and experience of patient who went to Poland to have gastric sleeve surgery .

For more information , consult us . It's free !


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Flawless Mommy Makeover Package in Guadalajara, Mexico

Flawless Mommy Makeover Package By PlacidWay
A mother's body goes through a series of unexpected, often distressing, though inevitable changes during pregnancy. Of course, women should think about how much worth it was going through these changes for their children, yet they don't have to forget that they still deserve to be happy in their own skin.

Luckily, the mommy makeover package offers women who gave birth the chance to enhance their body and regain their pre-pregnancy appearance.

Mommy Makeover Overview

The mommy makeover set of procedures is specially addressed to mothers who want to regain their silhouette, eliminate insecurities and feel comfortable again. The procedures may include: breast lift, breast Implants, tummy tuck and liposuction.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

  • The patient will regain her pre-pregnancy body.

  • The mommy makeover set of procedures can help improve the patient's self esteem and confidence if pregnancy and childbirth have altered her looks.

  • Combining various plastic procedures leads to a shorter recovery time and lower costs.

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At Centro Plastica (Guadalajara, Mexico), the mommy makeover package's price starts from $8,000 and includes:
  • Hospital stay (as required)

  • Medications while on location

  • Compression garment

  • All medical related costs (hospital fees, doctor fees, equipment, nurse care, operating room etc.) and airport transfer

  • Transportation pick-up/drop-off to/from the airport and hotel transfers.

The price excludes:
  • Accommodation

  • Pre-op lab work

  • Airfare

  • Meals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated, highly experienced and trained medical team.

  • The medical center offers a wide variety of cosmetic and plastic procedures under one roof.

  • The clinic features professional and skilled nurses and administrative team.

  • The medical center offers transportation services to all the patients traveling from across the border.

  • Each and every patient is attended by means of virtual consultations in which all the desired procedures are discussed and surgical dates are fixed.

Do you want to regain the figure you had before pregnancy? Wait no longer and find out all about the mommy makeover package offered at Centro Plastica! Get in touch with us!

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Top Weight Loss Programs in Europe

weight loss programs in Europe by placidway

You don't need exercise and surgical procedures to lose weight!

Weight Loss Programs with some of our partner centers in Europe offer particular weight loss programs that don't require surgery or exercise. They use unique therapies for transforming critical areas of the body that help in improving appearance, confidence and improve energy.

This is advisable for those who don't enjoy exercise, are not recommended to undergo physical activity because of a current health condition, or those who simply want to relax while losing the excess weight.

The cost of weight loss programs in Europe ranges from $2,088 - $7,524. There are available packages in countries like Croatia, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany that already includes medical examination and diagnosis, different therapeutic procedures, individual education on health and optimized diet, even psychological support, body fat measurement follow-up, personal health dossier, as well as personal guidance during the programme.

Here is a collection of the best clinics and packages for weight loss programs available in Europe. Search the top weight loss program provider that suits your budget!

Top Weight Loss Packages in Europe

Top weight-loss packages table
 Location  Center Price Inclusions Exclusions Learn more
Jelenia Gora, Poland KCM Clinic From $2,088
14 Days of Treatment

Complete medical check-up

Special low caloric daily diet


Airport-hotel-airport transfer
 Travel Expenses Contact us for more details

Bodrum, Turkey

The-LifeCo From $3,695
14 Days Detox and Weight loss Program

1session 20 min. doctor consultation

Special Diet
Travel Expenses Contact us for more details

Bad Ragaz,

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz


6 days of treatment

Complete medical check-up

Daily personal training

Personal guidance during the program
 Travel expenses Click for more details




12 days of treatment

Medical examinations and diagnosis

Individual diet program

Individual therapeutic exercises

Accommodation in 4* hotel with half board

Airport-hotel-airport transfer
Travel expenses Click for more details
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa Wellness hotel 5* Superior


14 nights' accommodation

Preliminary medical examinations

Individual diet program

Individual therapeutic exercises
Travel expenses Click for more details


Juventas Revitalization Clinic


16 days of treatment

Complete medical check-up

Special low caloric daily diet


Airport-hotel-airport transfer

Travel expenses Click for more details